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Applicant Information Full Name: Date:         Address: Phone: Email: Are you a citizen of […]

How Can a Growing City Help the Unemployed?

Without reliable transportation and a place to live, keeping a job is difficult. How can Charlotte remove […]

The Cure for Low-Wage Jobs

There are multiple reasons why millions of Americans are struggling to support themselves while earning poverty or […]

Are You Underemployed? Here’s How to Fix It!

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics just did its job and released its monthly data about […]

No Relief for Children of the Jobless, Underemployed in N.C.

Harsh Cuts Loom as the Percentage of Children Affected by Parents’ Employment Woes More than Doubles A […]

The State of Low-Wage Work in NC

Many workers in North Carolina are employed but work in positions where they are underutilized in some […]

North Carolina Ranks 34th In State Unemployment Rate

By Kimberly Johnson, Patch Staff | Jan 25, 2018 2:18 pm ET The state with the lowest unemployment rate may surprise […]

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