Impacting the Lives of Others OUR MISSION

Our mission is reach out to distressed communities, broken homes, homeless, hopeless , unemployed, and underemployed living in Charlotte, NC helping at-risk individuals and families by identifying and evaluating their needs and providing practical solutions so that they can take control of their future; experience lives of stability and self-fulfillment; and make meaningful contributions to their communities.

Our Story

The Sword Of Spirit Outreach is a nonprofit organization that develops programs to help individuals and families who live in distressed situations rise above their circumstances, stabilize their lives, and shape their future with confidence so that they can take care of themselves and their families; make positive contributions to their communities; and serve as role models for the next generation.

Our constituents include the homeless, the hungry, the hopeless, veterans, the unemployed, underemployed, and the fragmented families. We provide access to free food, clothing, shelter, job skill training, bible study, and additional resources through referrals to our local partner organizations. Because we are a faith-based entity, we often incorporate lessons from the Bible whenever it is relevant. We have found that looking at life with a spiritual perspective is often a wonderful way to augment the practical help that we provide.

Our volunteers are passionate in serving those in need, making a difference, and ensuring that the gifts to our organization and opportunities for our constituents are maximized.

As a registered 501c3 organization, we are eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions and depend on the generosity of our donors to ensure that the impact of our programs is maximized. With that in mind, we launch fundraising campaigns to support our programs, our operations, and our outreach efforts.

What We Do



Our team of staff and volunteers work diligently each day to respond to the needs of others and each month in sponsoring several outreach events.

We actively reach out to at-risk individuals and families who are struggling to rise above their distressed circumstances and provide them with the resources they need to begin moving forward in their lives with confidence, resolve and optimism. We accomplish this by first fulfilling their basic needs, such as food, clothing and shelter and then offering job skills training, Bible studies, and referrals to other useful resources offered by our community partners.





We understand that adversity is non-discriminatory; that hardship can be a powerful equalizer; and that those who are trying to rise above their circumstances deserve our compassion and respect. With that in mind, we treat everyone who comes to us for help in ways that ultimately preserve their self-respect and dignity.


We work hard for our constituents in empowering them to make lasting changes in their lives.


We incorporate flexibility in all of our programs because everyone’s situation is unique. We take time to carefully assess and evaluate needs and then provide the most appropriate resources and solutions to fit those needs.


Our commitment to our work is absolute. We know that those at-risk are especially vulnerable, and we make sure that they can completely trust us to hold their best interests as our highest priority.


We work with other like-minded organizations, social service agencies, private businesses, and government entities to make sure that no one ‘slips through the cracks’ and that there is a tightly woven safety net that is strengthened by the efforts of multiple sources of support.


We hold ourselves accountable to those we help; to Charlotte communities; and to ourselves as professionals.


We commit to our donors, sponsors, volunteers that we exercise transparency in our operation and utilize their gifts and talents for impactful results in serving others.